Recently we highlighted on places where you can find a rich sugar daddy in Ghana and tricks on how to find one.  However, due to popular demand today we want to make a highlight on ways you can use to get a rich sugar mummy in Kenya. As I always say, it ain’t a sustainable lifestyle, it’s just an adventure. Let’s go!

I want to categorically state that getting a sugar mummy anywhere in this world depends on how smart you are.Some people are naturally born to be smart. However, a big number of guys you see around are pretty shy, and will never hold any meaningful conversation with a mature woman. Therefore, I want to highlight certain tricks with regards to finding a sugar mummy in Ghana.

I’m actually giving out this lesson for free to anyone who cares to listen.

1.  A rich, mature woman needs a young man with focus, not a poor, dumb idiot who doesn’t even know how to spell his name.

2.  Don’t try hinting that money matters on your first date. Or else, she will think that you’re only concerned with her money. 

 Here, you need to get creative as far as your ”business proposal” is concerned. You can even lie, so long as you know how to conceal your lies carefully.

3. If there are any projects you’ve done in the past, mention them here as they could give you an advantage.

Remember that you are seducing a mature cash cow, and the amount you will get depends on how well you can seduce her

4. If you are meeting in a restaurant and she arrives before you, tell her that you asked the waiter to direct you to the only table where the most beautiful woman is seated.

Of course, you’re kidding… but remember you’re also being creative

5. If you have a career (am sure most young men do), you can talk about your ambitions as far as your career is concerned.

Now, for those who are creative enough to come up with a business proposal (of course after several meetings), things can work really well bro.

6. Tell your sugar mummy that you have this big project that needs funding

This has to sound like you’re asking her to connect you with someone who would be willing to assist you to realize your dreams. Most of the time, these older women are well-connected. They will put you through or even give you the money you’re asking for. But my guy remember that you should never sound demanding. This is not your money. It’s her money. Take your nagging to your girlfriend or wife.

7. The relationship with your sugar mummy has to start with a date. I’m 100 % sure that she will ask questions which must be answered brilliantly, that’s why my number 1 point matters a lot fam.

She might ask you why you’re not willing to date young girls. Sugar mummies in Ghana love to ask this question anyway. And if you’re looking for a sugar mummy, you should be ready to answer this question as well.

As for the answer, don’t say that young girls require high maintenance. If you do, you will come across as a male gold digger…. which is a situation we are trying very hard to avoid. You can always find your way around this question by saying that mature and financially-independent women are never hard on their partner’s pockets ( You will see her smiling )

8.  Be rest assured that her bedroom will be your playground, it  will matter if you will qualify for the next round or you will be kicked out in the qualifiers 

When you call it a day, you will obviously part ways or even end up in her house depending on how you agree.But some women will never take you to their homes the first time they meet you. Trust has to be built first. However, rest assured that her bedroom will be your playground sooner or later. Be the patient one.

9. Oh buoy, and do you know how to drive…?

Most sugar mummies in Ghana will have no problem with lending their cars to drive. And most of the time, you will also chauffeur them around this Accra. If you are a good driver, that will be a plus for you. However, if you don’t own a valid driving license, you can learn along the way… it’s never a requirement btw.

10. Finally, when you part ways after the first date, be sure to thank her for her time

It’s always courteous to do so. It’s also your chance to compliment her with some nice words. Just be creative and you will finally achieve your end.

….Thank me later!

6 thoughts on “How to Get a Rich Sugar Mummy in Ghana 2018”

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